The I Am's of Jesus teaching series continues this Sunday morning

The Teaching Ministry of Dr. Ron Wilcoxson


Life Reboot

Sometimes we need to reboot and get a fresh start. Look at 4 Biblical people to see how they did it.

1. Rebooting After a Bad Life Decision (Moses)

2. Rebooting After a Terrible Loss (Naomi)

3. Rebooting After a Moral Failure (David)

4. Rebooting After a Spiritual Failure (Peter)

The Prodigal

This 3-part series, inspired by Timothy Keller, looks at 

1. The Outwardly Rebellious Prodigal 

2. The Inwardly Resentful Prodigal 

3. The Outrageously Gracious Prodigal

The Praying Church

This 4-part series challenges us to pray.

1. The Power of a Praying Church -  Acts 12:1-8

2. Praying In the Spirit - Eph. 6:18

3. Interceding for Others in Prayer - 1 Timothy 2:1-5

4. A Prayer Ministry That Engages the Heart of Heaven - Ezek. 22;30 

The Greatest Stories Ever Told - O.T. Version

Dr. Ron examines 8 Old Testament stories that challenge our faith, teach us tremendous truths about our wonderful God in a fresh new light.

The Greatest Stories Ever Told - N.T. Version

Like its O.T. counterpart, this 8-part series will look at 9 incredible New Testament stories and discover amazing pictures of the Lord and Savior we all love and serve.