The Teaching Ministry of Dr. Ron Wilcoxson


Unlikely Christmas Heroes

This 4-part series unpacks the familiar stories we hear every Yuletide season and reminds us of the extraordinary faith and obedience of these people.

Life Reboot

We all face difficult situations in life. Sometimes we just need to reboot and get a fresh new start. This 4-part series looks at the lives of 4 Biblical people to see how they did it.

The Prodigal

This 3-part series, inspired by Timothy Keller, looks at 1. The Outwardly Rebellious Prodigal; 2. The Inwardly Resentful Prodigal; and, 3. The Outrageously Gracious Prodigal.

The Praying Church

This 4-part series challenges us all to be people of prayer, and examines what God has promised to do when His people honestly seek His face in prayer.

The Greatest Stories Ever Told - O.T. Version

Dr. Ron examines 8 Old Testament stories that challenge our faith, teach us tremendous truths and opens up our minds/hearts to see our wonderful God in a fresh new light.

The Greatest Stories Ever Told - N.T. Version

Like its O.T. counterpart, this 9-part series looks at incredible New Testament stories and discovers amazing pictures of the Lord and Savior we all love and serve.